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Summer 2020 Events

The year 2020 has had many challenges and obstacles for many families. During this season of uncertainty, we wanted to be a blessing during these difficult times. August 3rd, we gave out the first ever Focus on the City Student Leader award to Jack Grant, of James Madison High School in Houston Texas. Jack is currently attending The University of Houston. Jack received an Acer laptop, backpack, $150 dollar gift card to HEB Groceries, 7 books for inspiration, a Walmart Gift card for $75 dollars and a $30 dollar gift card to the Breakfast Club Restaurant. We are praying and rooting for Jack and his future success.

We also hosted the first ever drive up back pack giveaway at the Jackie Joyner Kersee Center on August 22nd. We are very grateful for the Jackie Joyner Center for their support. We gave away 200 backpacks, 75 pairs of shoes, and over 100 clothing items which included pants, dresses and shirts and suits. We also gave over 1000 pairs of socks courtesy of Bombas Socks.  We are grateful for everyone who donated their time and resources to help us to serve so many families. We will continue to help and serve and our first event in 2021 will be in Houston Texas. It will be an event focusing on African American boys and providing resources to help them in areas of entrepreneurship, wealth, reading and mental health.  Thanks to everyone and we will see you in 2021.

Alonzo Perrin

Lee Elementary School Adopt a Kid Program

Thanks to Lyla Payne and the faculty at Lee Elementary school for this opportunity and thanks to Ms. Estee Schwartz for the donation of the bike. Ja'mori is beyond happy. The picture with him on the bike is why we do what we do. As soon as we took it out of the truck he hopped right on it. We are also glad to get a bike that he can use now and grow into. Its such a blessing to be a blessing. We are grateful to God for supplying us with the resources to assist families during these chaotic times. Please continue to keep this young man in your prayers as it will be a very long process of healing as he deals with the loss of his father.

Please click the link below to see an explanation of the gifts:

Thank you.

Alonzo Perrin

Backpack Giveaway


Jack Grant received a backpack, school supplies, $30 gift certificate to Breakfast Club, $75 gift certificate to Walmart, $150 gift certificate to HEB, and a new laptop.  Thanks again to the organization "Focus on The City."



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We want the families to feel loved and receive blessings from generous people.

Please see this article (click here) about the August 2019 event.

Donating Clear Backpacks

Backpacks can be ordered in bulk and individually from the following websites:, and Please send all backpacks to 7809 Lake Drive, East St. Louis, Illinois 62203. Thank you for your continued support.